Channel Manager

Channel Manager allows hoteliers to take control of room rates, availability & restrictions across all connected internet sales market and keeps the channels always up-to-date.

Unique Advantages

870 Plus

Connected Properties

90 +

Supported Channels

+ 37%

Revenue Increase

+ 97%

Client Retention Rate

Effective Inventory Distribution

Management of all channel aspects simultaneously. Online distribution management in an efficient and quick way, without delays, errors, or parity problems

Increased Hotel Online Exposure

Usage of all available sales and distribution channels

Time & Money Saving with Automated Distribution

Room management, just from a single screen. The streamlined features let the revenue or sales managers be more productive, as well as the hotel staff can log in to perform basic tasks with ease

Increased Sales And Profit

Maximum online and offline market, maximum profit

All the Hotel Rooms Online

Increase your revenue and profits while lowering your cost of guest acquisition, by setting all of the rooms online. Promote all of the available rooms in the booking channels, all the time.

Connect Unlimited Number of channels

You can add and manage unlimited number channels for the maximum exposure of your Property in the World Online Market. We are consulting the hoteliers for the better mix of channels, selecting the most profitable of the retail as well as the B2B market.

2way API connection

With bidirectional API connection with the online hotel reservation systems, via a centralized web (cloud) application, the channel manager ensures the accommodation service providers of all sizes to maximize their exposure, to increase their revenue and reduce the time and cost required to update the availability and prices in online reservation systems.

Manage unlimited rooms and room types simultaneously

You can manage unlimited room types simultaneously, towards all kinds of extranets. In addition you can manage your channels individually, by sending specific rates and availabilities to specific channels.


The available graphs and reports through the portal are designed to give you actionable intelligence that you can use to optimize channel performance in real time. Gain an understanding of your channel efficiency by reviewing revenue and discounting trends.

Bulk Updates or Individual Update

The easiest way to manage the rates, availabilities, minimum stays, close to date and close to arrival or to Stop sales, from the Bulk Update option or from the main calendar, every date individually!


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